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My Ancestors

Andy's Ancestors

Mark AndRew Vidler

Michael Robert Vidler


They say that all family histories should begin with your own life story, but I don't like talking about myself, plus I'm still relatively young, so I'll just explain how I came to be doing this.

My parents had traced some branches of their families (Tritton and Sackett) back to 1600, and Andy & I first thought about tracing the Vidler family history soon after we got married in 1980.  However, time and money were short so we didn't get very far, and it wasn't until my sons had grown up that I became interested again.

 My Mum had always wanted to know what had happened to her maternal grandmother, who gave away her baby daughter in 1919.  I had often said that I would go to London with her one day and help her, but I didn't have a clue what was involved.

In 2001 I was finally able to keep my promise and took Mum's notes home to look through.  Mum began her quest in 1967, when I was 6, and had searched on and off since then.  To my naive eye, and recently connected to the internet, it seemed a pretty straightforward task.  Surely all I had to do was type the name into a search engine and everything I needed to know would come up?

Wrong!  It was an insult to Mum and all family researchers to think it would be that easy.  It would take many more painstaking hours of hard work and patience before we were finally able to present my grandmother with the truth about her biological mother, some 82 years after she had been given away. 

Around this time Andy mentioned tracing his family tree again, and we set off for East Sussex Record Office (ESRO) with a much clearer understanding of what was involved.  We discovered that our name had originally been recorded as Vitler, and through the generations the name became Vidler.  We were lucky that the early family had stayed in Hooe which meant that we were easily able to trace his ancestors back to 1755.

Andy lost interest after we'd gone back as far as we could, and prefers to spend his time photographing wildlife (plus the odd Church or headstone).  Mum & I continue to research as many branches of our families as we can, and have discovered cousins in Canada, America and South Africa.

I didnít just want to collect data, and Iíve included in this history not only names and dates, but also photographs where available, as well as a few interesting family stories which put Ďflesh on the bonesí.  Iím grateful to the people who have contacted me and allowed me to include their photos. 

It goes without saying that I'm always interested to receive new information, stories and photographs to add to this website, which I dedicate to my parents, with thanks for sparking such a fascinating and rewarding pastime.

Carole Vidler
May 2008